This morning one of my dogs woke me up by pawing the coil of the door stop. If you’ve never had the pleasure – of hearing the coil of the doorstop sprung, not being waken by one of my dogs, although both are similar joys – you’re missing a … treat. It’s like starting your day with a Loony Tunes soundtrack. By the time that I am standing in my backyard, watching my chihuahua high-step through the morning frost and clutching my thin robe to still my shivers, I can hear Daffy Duck screeching his manic “OOooOOOh OOOoooOOOh OOOOH!” As he runs circles in my head.

This happened at 7a.m. This morning.

If anyone knows how to turn off the auto-cap in WordPress for an iPad, let me know. It’s annoying.

This morning i decided that the dogs would go back to bed, and that I would start my day with a little bit of quiet writing. I’ll be 44 this month. Time to start waking with the dawn and doing something introspective and creative with the first four hours of my day. I have wanted to be that person for a long time. That person is my grandparents, and my dad. My dad has had the ability to wake before dawn for as long as I can remember, and it’s quite foreign to me. My mother isn’t an early riser, but she isn’t usually more than a couple hours behind my father. I admire how their natural sleeping patterns have assumedly morphed into complimentary patterns. They each get time to sleep alone, and they get the benefits of sleeping with their loved one too. Way to go, mom and dad.

Somehow they spawned my siblings and I, all three of us were born happy to sleep as late as we are able on any given day. It makes me wonder if perhaps my parents are secret nappers. It couldn’t be that they simply need less sleep than their succeeding generation. Then again, my brother has two young children now, and my sister is surely busy with something, so maybe they’re early risers as well, now. Perhaps I, the eldest of the three, am the lone sleep junky of the family these days.

My head hurts. I’ve been having one hell of a time with Cymbalta. I was on a specific brand before I moved. The holidays and moving lead to me refilling my prescription a bit later than I normally would, and starting up with a new pharmacy added another week or so to the process. I loathe breaking in new pharmacies.



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